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Run Like ClockWork: Whats your Queen Bee?

Note from Larissa for Donna… If you have been reading our social media for the last few weeks you would know that Sooter Consulting is currently rolling out its Profit First coaching services. We still have 4 slots open for anyone interested in seeing a significant increase in their company’s profitability. However, today I wanted to delve into the Run Like Clockwork coaching being offered in early 2024.

Last week we defined the term Survival Trap. Some readers might have had that article resonate with them because they might be in a similar situation of their own. You’re not alone, many of us have been there. The most frustrating part of being in a Survival Trap is understanding what’s happening but being unsure of how to escape. That’s why this week we will be defining the Queen Bee Role.

So, what is the Queen Bee Role? Picture a beehive—a meticulously organized system where each bee contributes to the overall health of the collective. Like many animals their goals are to consume, reproduce, and expand. Now, you tell me, who is the most important bee? The reason the Queen Bee is so important is because she is the only part of the hive that can fulfill the goal of reproduction. Without the Queen Bee the entire hive falls apart. Similarly, in our businesses, we must identify the core task that drives success. Whether it’s serving wine for a winery, or producing movies for a studio, simplifying and aligning our business with what makes them thrive is crucial for building an automatic business.

Once we have identified our Queen Bee Role, the next step is ensuring our team understands its significance. From dishwashers to marketing executives, everyone should understand that their job is to serve and protect the Queen Bee. Even if their job doesn’t involve actively being the Queen Bee, a team member's job becomes clear and manageable. This clarity facilitates contribution and idea-sharing, enabling us to delegate tasks and streamline our business workflows.

Picture this: You are managing a winery and understand that for the winery to thrive you have to sell wine club memberships. How can you transform every aspect of your winery to be a membership selling machine? For bartenders it's easy, right? You tell them that they will receive a bonus for every membership they manage to sell. For marketing directors it’s easy, right? Just tell them to make the membership seem extremely attractive. It becomes harder when we are working with, say, our landscaping team. However, even then if they know what keeps the winery open they might have ideas on how they can help keep customers thinking about the membership. Even just being friendly and familiar to wine club members and customers might ingrain a sense of desire to be part of the ‘family.’

Clearly there is a lot of nuance to implementing the Queen Bee Role. I would suggest starting with a vision, what does your dream business look like? Then, work with a coaching profession to create a three-phase plan to implement the changes you need to turn that dream into reality.

Sooter Consulting will be rolling out Run Like Clockwork coaching services in 2024. If you are interested, feel free to reach out for a clarity call. We are eager to assist.


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