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  • Larissa Summers

How Coaching is Increasing my Profitability

Note From Larissa For Donna… Hey folks, our Clockwork coaching is live right now! Donna has been working hard at developing her Clockwork Coaching, but she herself is still looking for coaching. Working with David Cowan of the Sandler Training Group has been an invaluable source of development. Let’s take a deep dive into her experience with sales coaching. 

Admitting you need help as a business owner can be a tough pill to swallow. Last year, I had a moment of clarity where I realized that while I had managed to grow my business with the sales skills I had, sales still weren’t my strong suit. I have a 5-year revenue goal, and I know that if I didn’t improve my sales technique my goal would be infeasible. My prior experience told me that I needed to reach out to a coach to help me course correct. In the past I have worked with several coaches that gave me the skills to manage my team and clients. In my opinion it is an essential part of business development. 

For the past 4 years, I’ve been a part of a networking group, ProVIsors. ProVisors has afforded me the opportunity to connect with intelligent, insightful professionals across a variety of fields. Among these professionals is David Cowan of Sandler Training. With seven years of experience under his belt I knew David was the perfect choice to help me learn proper sales techniques. With my team appropriately managed, and my marketing running without me I enrolled in a 10-week workshop with David. 

I gained invaluable insights into the sales process during that workshop. My goal when beginning, in short, was refining my approach to sales without becoming too pushy. Everyone has been in a sales situation with someone who through their aggressive marketing tactics causes discomfort. I myself have created those uncomfortable interactions. Of course, we all understand the importance of listening to prospects, understanding their pain, and offering solutions. What I didn’t expect, however, was my understanding of sales to be flipped on its head. The workshop taught me that I had approached sales in the incorrect order, which was leading to those uncomfortable interactions. With David’s guidance and some practice, I’ve reorganized my approach and feel far more confident about achieving my 5-year revenue goal. 

Before taking on this 10-week workshop, I had always been dissatisfied with my sales techniques. I managed to gain clients, sure, but I had never walked away from a sales call knowing they were onboard. It reminds me of working with clients and prospects who have been unsatisfied by their business’ profitability. Perhaps you have found yourself in a similar-yet-different situation. You’re able to grow your business, but your profit doesn’t grow alongside it. If I can admit to myself that I needed coaching to refine my sales techniques, is now the time for you to acknowledge the need for assistance in increasing profitability? 

If it is, partner up with a Profit First guide and begin enhancing your bottom line today. Reaching out for a discovery call is the first step towards coaching that will change your business for the better. Let’s bring clarity to your finances together.


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