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Construction & Trades

Building is about getting around the obstacles that are presented to you.

-Jeremy Renner

While Sooter Consulting, Inc. offers customized approaches across industries, we have also been fortunate to forge a powerful relationship with People in Construction. As true pilots on a path to powerful pipeline growth, we noticed
our Construction leaders must often play the roles of CEO, COO and President of Sales – leaving little time for crunching numbers. That’s where our perspective comes in…

Given our common values of protective planning, risk analysis and complex compensation – the working relationship between Construction Professionals and Sooter Consulting, Inc. has now been established and nurtured for over a decade. The two key advantages we offer are 1) A unique perspective into the
Construction sector; and 2) An understanding of AIA invoicing and retention requirements. The results are decisive clarity, qualified interpretations, and increased sales capacity.

The Challenge

In an environment where multiple bids are being made on projects and the Construction
Owner has to keep up with the tight time constraints, Owner’s just don’t have time to do all
that is necessary to run a business. Accounting can have many different moving parts and it
takes time to categorize income and expenses – especially if you are job costing. This
important task is often laid to the side to do what produces income – construction deadlines.
However, this leaves the owner unaware of how their business is doing until they are
backed into a corner and need to get it processed for taxes.

The Solution

Sooter Consulting, Inc. lifts the burden of accounting and can go beyond basic bookkeeping that a thriving Construction company requires. Our seasoned accounting pros will not only make tax time a breeze but provide year-round support and unmatched benefits. This needs-based package of customized care for our Construction clientele is a service we are not only excited to offer – but truly proud of given the results and feedback we have been honored to champion.

Engineer in Factory

Are you a construction or trades professional who could benefit from:

  • Monthly financial reviews depicting your distinct trends and triumphs

  • Insight on industry changes and developments 

  • High level income statement analysis, including observations and recommendations

  • Translation of corporate income and deduction reports for enhanced clarity

  • Monthly 30-minute conference calls to track tangible progress

  • Unmatched, eagle-eye perspective of the construction/trades business framework & pitfalls to avoid

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