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We are committed to bringing clarity to your finances, amidst the noise of operating efficiently, effectively and relevantly to your business. While Sooter Consulting, Inc. offers customized approaches across industries, below are industries we specialize in. 



Accounting for a medical practice can have many different moving parts and it takes time to categorize income and expenses.



Our seasoned accounting pros will not only make tax time a breeze but provide year-round support and unmatched benefits.

Real Estate

When multiple offers are being made and agents have to keep up with the tight time constraints, you just don’t have time to do all that is necessary to run a business. We can help.


Construction /Trades 

As true pilots on a path to powerful pipeline growth, we noticed our Construction leaders must often play the roles of CEO, COO and President of Sales – leaving little time for crunching numbers. 

Mobile Crane

Insurance Agents

Sooter Consulting, Inc. lifts the burden of the added accounting and beyond basic bookkeeping that a thriving insurance office requires. 


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