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  • Donna Lim

30 Things I am Thankful For This Year

I’m not one that experiences depression often, but I have on a couple occasions experienced clinical depression. My first bout was in the fall of 2009. A couple years ago, I experienced another bout and my husband encouraged me to start a gratitude journal. I humored him and focused on 3 things a day I could be thankful for. I can’t say that it is what brought me out of the depression, but I have made it a practice to find things everyday that I give gratitude too.

Here are 30 things I am thankful for this year.

  1. My awesome team. They were the rock under me while I served as my brother’s Advance Health Care person. I truly needed time off and they took the reins of the business and kept on going. THANK YOU!

  2. My wonderful husband. I’m so blessed to be doing life with him.

  3. My supportive clients.

  4. Thankful for my ex-sister-in-law that was right by my side.

  5. Grateful to old high school friends that still support me.

  6. Grateful to have a CEO group to discuss the many facades of business.

  7. Thankful that I am very healthy.

  8. Thankful for my Cardiologist that did tests just to give me peace of mind.

  9. Thankful for Dr. Jenny Walker who keeps me walking in a straight line.

  10. Grateful there are blood test to tell Doctors what’s going on in my body.

  11. Grateful to my massage therapist who knows how to work on my shoulder.

  12. So incredibly thankful for Holly Lasky who reentered my life at just the right time.

  13. Thankful for my Invisalign.

  14. Grateful that I am learning meditation.

  15. Thankful for Mike Michalowicz’s books to give me ideas on how to run my business.

  16. Incredibly thankful for the ability to gather my team in one place and spend time planning for the future of Sooter Consulting.

  17. Thankful that technology helps me run the business every day.

  18. Grateful the Universe gave me Cheri Bayless as my Operations Manager.

  19. I’m thankful for times of rest.

  20. Grateful to have a friend that likes roller coasters.

  21. Thankful for my cat that gives me something to laugh at each day.

  22. Grateful for recipes that are handed down through the generations.

  23. Thankful for my account.

  24. Grateful to my networking group – Provisors.

  25. Thankful to still have my parents with me every day.

  26. Grateful my children have found people to do life with.

  27. Grateful that time heals wounds.

  28. Grateful God gave me a do over in life.

  29. Thankful for lifelong friends like – Renee Dagget.

  30. Grateful for a God that made a way for me to be with him.

What are you thankful for?


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