Sooter Consulting Inc.

Bringing clarity to your finances, delivering peace of mind to you.

Helping small to mid-sized businesses implement efficiencies, save time and actualize growth objectives.

Are you a business owner with too many goals…and too little time? Do you spend more time crunching numbers than capturing leads? Could your income and expenses benefit from a second set of eyes? Ultimately…are you confident in understanding the story that your books tell about your business?

Sooter Consulting, Inc. is a Silicon Valley bookkeeping firm dedicated to meeting the accounting needs of small to mid-sized businesses. More than a virtual agency that provides mere financial oversight, our highly experienced staff delivers time saving services, provides unparalleled insights and reports the realities of your financial situation. With over 10 years in business and an accumulated 60+ years of experience within our team, Sooter Consulting, Inc. offers an objective outlook based on educated perspectives. The result is a true understanding of where your business is today, with an advocate and partner to help you reach where you’d like to be tomorrow. The bottom line of your business tells a story; let’s make it a tale you are proud to tell.

"What a lifesaver Donna is! How do I explain? Picture a virtual flotation device being secured around my business...that's what she does. She keeps me afloat even if I have been buried in work, and can't get to my own paperwork."

Tracy Foster, Tafgrafic Designs

Our clients are more than business owners who need help crunching numbers. They are community members, entrepreneurs, finance professionals, inventors and individuals who need more time and less stress. Driven by integrity and sustained by true passion for what they do, our clients range from the new business owner to the established, thriving team. From serving as their cheerleader to delivering a heartfelt reality check, Sooter Consulting, Inc. ensures that each client has complete confidence and an absolute understanding of their financial position. With our accurate accounting systems and accompanying analysis…you gain the complete resources available to narrate your growth and development.

"I just wanted to write a little note to let you know what a great job Sibil is doing. She is super-efficient and a constant professional. We could all use a few employees like you. Donna got a good hire when she got you. "

D.K., Insurance Professional

If you consider your accounting measures like the chapters of a book, your bookkeeping firm is much like your editor…and we know that there are many you can choose from. Finding someone who is on the same page with your values is imperative to your success. Sooter Consulting, Inc. is an ideal fit for businesses seeking to control costs, gain peace of mind and understand the benefits of managerial accounting. Whether seeking a one-time consultation from a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, or selecting a monthly package with full service solutions, we are equipped to bring clarity to your finances and peace of mind to you. Running your business may not always be a fairytale, but it can be a steadfast story of success.

"We hired Sooter Consulting in June 2006, and don't know what we would do without them. Donna's team has helped us with inventory, bookkeeping, accounts payable, and accounts receiveable. We have grown from using independent contractors to having employees. It's great to know as my business grows and changes I have a real partnership with Sooter Consulting that will grow and be flexible with our changes."

Karl Wallace, Wallace Apparel