Sooter Consulting Inc.

Insurance Professionals

A little perspective, like a little humor, goes a long way. ~ Allen Klein

While Sooter Consulting, Inc. offers customized approaches across industries, we have also been fortunate to forge a powerful relationship with insurance agency owners. As true pilots on a path to powerful pipeline growth, we noticed our insurance leaders must often play the roles of CEO, COO and President of Sales – leaving little time for crunching numbers. That’s where our perspective comes in…

Given our common values of protective planning, risk analysis and complex compensation – the working relationship between insurance professionals and Sooter Consulting, Inc. has now been established and nurtured for nearly a decade. The two key advantages we offer are 1) An unparalleled perspective into the insurance sector and sales funnel; and 2) Exclusive benefits and features. The results are decisive clarity, qualified interpretations and increased sales capacity ~ just ask our satisfied and growing insurance agency owners!

The Challenges…

Insurance agency owners face the same challenges and time management needs as all business owners, but with the added layer of reporting and accountability to their franchise brand or corporate overhead. Their tax needs are complex, their government compliance is tight and their compensation and deductions reports can benefit from some serious translating.

The Solution…

Sooter Consulting, Inc. lifts the burden of the added accounting and beyond basic bookkeeping that a thriving insurance office requires. Our seasoned accounting pros will not only make tax time a breeze, but provide year-round support and unmatched benefits. This needs-based package of customized care for our insurance clientele is a service we are not only excited to offer – but truly proud of given the results and feedback we have been honored to champion.

Are you an insurance professional who could benefit from…?

Wondering what these benefits can actually mean for your bottom line? While the real results depend on where you are today and where you’d like to be tomorrow, there are many ways that an advanced perspective can create your own personal and professional advantage.

Do you know if your marketing budget exceeds 95% of your peers…and why?

Would you trust your self-calculated income projections to help you gross one million by year end?

Are your hiring forecasts and plans fiscally fitting for your current and future business size?

Could you explain your current reporting measures to your tax professional?

These are just a few examples of the realities that our insurance professionals face, and the types of questions that drive our solution-oriented conversations. Whether identifying your real costs of business or helping you streamline staffing, the most measurable outcome is not just pointing you in the right direction – but paving the road to help you get there.